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Sarkanniemi Aquarium, Tampere

Särkänniemi is an amusement park in Tampere, Finland. The park has an aquarium, planetarium, children's zoo, art museum and observation tower of Näsinneula (Näsi-igla). Särkänniemi is the second most popular amusement park in Finland with Linnanmäki in Helsinki. In Särkänniemi there are five roller coasters: the Tornado upside-down roller coaster, the Trombi flying coaster, the MotoGee and Hype family roller coaster, the Sky Rocket II steel runner and the Vauhtimato family roller coaster ("Fast Worm"). The coaster called Half Pipe has recently been redesigned for many reasons. Särkänniemi is owned by the city of Tampere and attracts around 1,100,000 visitors annually. Syärkänniemi is Linnamäki's main competitor as Finland's leading amusement park. Both are about the same size. The park abandoned the dolphinarium in 2016 and the dolphins were safely transported to Attica Zoo in Greece. The park has over 30 attractions. In the park there are also two water attractions: a log tray called Tukkijoki and the river threshold Koskiseykayaila.

Syarkänniemi several times recognized as the best recreation center and the largest amusement park in Finland.

This multi-purpose park belongs to the city of Tampere and boasts many attractions, as well as an aquarium, which was opened in 1969, a planetarium, which was opened in 1969, a children's zoo, which was opened in 1970, and a 168-metre high lookout tower. Opened in 1971, the Sarah Hilden Art Museum was opened in 1979, and the Dolphinarium was opened in 1985.

The entertainment part of Syarkäniemi started in 1973 with the opening of Neulan Huvipuisto (Neula Amusement Park); initially there were only a few children's attractions in the park. In 1975, the city of Tampere took over the management of the amusement park and integrated it with other attractions of the peninsula.

It is located on the peninsula, approximately one kilometre from the centre of Tampere, which runs into the Black Bay. Three breweries were located here in the 18th century, and in the 20th century a huge wood production warehouse was built on the Syarkänniemi peninsula. These buildings were demolished in the 1960s.

The 25-acre amusement park is not divided into thematic sections, although one of them is called Kiddie Land, and in 2012 Angry Birds Land was opened.

Sarkanniemi Aquarium, Tampere