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St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel, Turku

The Ecumenical Art Chapel of St. Henrik is a wooden church in Turku district of Kaistarniogo on the island of Hirvensalo. The chapel was opened on Pentecost Sunday 2005. (15 May). It was planned by Matti Sanaksenaho and his wife Pirjo, who won a design competition in January 1996 with their design. The project was named Ikthys, which is associated with the Christian symbol for fish. The appearance with a pointed arch is similarly based on the appearance of the fish.

The building is about 40 meters long and 13 meters high. It is made of pine wood and the outside is covered with copper. The only window is in the area of the altar and passes through the ribbon along both walls. The stained glass is made by Hannu Konola .

Originally, the chapel was designed as a prayer room for relatives and patients from a nearby hospital. Today, however, it is perceived as an ecumenical space for reflection. For example, you can quickly remove the altar and candles. The building is used both by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which dominates in Finland, and by the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, as well as by the Adventist, Baptist, Methodist, Free Church, Salvation Army and Pentecostal congregations. In addition to the sacred use, the premises also host art exhibitions, concerts and other events.

St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel, Turku