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Qwensel House and Pharmacy Museum, Turku

House Kvensel is the oldest wooden house in Turku, Finland. It is a bourgeois dwelling from Autarque times, which has been preserved in its entirety. The house was built around 1700 on an area that was reserved for the nobility in the city plan drawn up by Peter Brahe in 1652. Today the house of Kvensel is a Turku pharmacy and cafe.

In the commercial wing of the building in the XIX century there was a pharmacy. In the pharmacy there are material and therapeutic workshops, two laboratories and an office. In the office there is the oldest surviving pharmacy in Finland.

In the exhibition wing of the building is a collection of pharmacy dishes Oke Lidman . There is also a pharmaceutical research laboratory and an exhibition of the history of pharmacy in the wing. In addition to the main exhibitions, there are various small exhibitions and programmes every year.

The use of medicinal herbs can be explored under the guidance of the "pharmacist" in the Children's Pharmacy, in the yard and on the street. Authentic pharmacy locker from Uusikaarlepy pharmacy.

The former stable, toilet and barn are located at the northern end of the wing of Pakarytup. The Pippings family had a garden with apple trees and plants along Linnankatu (formerly Kuningatarenkatu). 

Qwensel House and Pharmacy Museum, Turku