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All Sizes of Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Pendant Mammen Style Viking Jewelry Scandinavian Norse Sterling Silver Viking Necklace Mjolnir Amulet
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You can order this pendant in gold as well as any other item

Mini hammer (new)
Weight: approx 10 g (0,35 oz)
Size: 29 x 21 mm
diameter of the hole for the chain - 3 mm

Small hammer
Weight: approx 13 g (0,45 oz)
Size: 31 x 23 mm
1,22 x 0,9 inches
diameter of the hole for the chain - 3,5 mm

Medium hammer
Weight: approx 18 g (0,63 oz)
Size: 38 x 27 mm
1,49 x 1,06 inches
diameter of the hole for the chain - 5 mm

Large hammer
Weight: approx. 33 g (1,16 oz)
Size: 43 x 32 mm
1,69 x 1,25 inches
diameter of the hole for the chain - 6 mm

Thors Viking hammers are often called Mjollnir or Mjolnir as this is the actual name Thor gave to his Vikings hammer. It is a very powerful Nordic protective amulet. This pendant brings luck and neutralizes bad energy or curses. It gives confidence in your own abilities and gives of the owner a great support in his life.

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hubby wanted a really nice Thor's Hammer pendant , he was not disappointed. Took a while to arrive but so worth the wait , thank you.
Well worth the wait. UK delivery was a little sketchy with tracking after item left country of manufacture (not workshops fault more of a UK issue) and shop owner was soo helpful when I messaged in a worried frenzy assuming the worst haha! Pendant good weight and well made I love it. Sure the recipient will adore this too.
Beautiful work. The mini and the small are about the same size, about 1.25 inches long by just under 1 inch wide, but the small is a bit heavier than the mini. They both have a nice weight, and are beautifully made. Also came with a leather cord. Very nice. I would buy from this shop again.
Lovely craftsmanship, thank you so much. My boyfriend loves it. Has such a nice weight to it as well, you can see the detail and quality! Also wasn't expecting leather cord to come with the pendant, so that was a nice surprise.
A very nice and beautiful Thor's hammer pendent with great craftsmanship. Very good customer service and very fast delivery. Thanks a lot, Vlad.
I was positively overwhelmed by the quality and beauty of the ring, when I saw it in person. Great interaction and cooperation with the seller as well. I am very happy with this purchase.
Gorgeous Ring , beautifully detailed..my husband love Norse mythology and was more than impressed with the quality of craftsmanship...loved it!
Tom Devine
Amazing and impeccable work! Everything about the Witcher medallion I purchased here is perfect: the material, the size, the weight, the detail, everything. Truly fantastic craftsmanship! Thank you to the hard-working artists at the Berloga Workshop!
Truly beautiful ring and I'm very happy with it. You will get high quality when you order from Berloga Workshop
Hace un año que pedi este colgante y es precioso, estoy muy contento con la compra. Me encanta vuestro trabajo!
Looks exactly as the pictured one does, it's a good size and weight, and I have had it tested and confirmed as being real silver. Very pleased with my pendant.
Let me tell you, I am a perfectionist in my nature and always find something wrong with things; the beauty of this necklace left me speechless! I've never seen anything more perfect than this!!! Vlad, thank you so much for professionalism and love you put into your work. From now on your shop is number ONE on my list!
Der Anhänger ist pünklich angekommen ....super Stück ein Traum....werde wieder bestellen

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