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Mjolnir Thor's Hammer wth Valknut Mjolnir Pendant Viking Pendant Viking Jewelry Sterling Silver Viking Necklace Mjolnir Replica from Kobelev
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Weight: approx 28 g (1 oz)
Size: 40 x 30 mm
1,56 x 1,21 inches
diameter of the hole for the chain - 5 mm (0,19 inches)

First “runic” Thor’s Hammer ever, seems to have been recently found in Købelev in Lolland/Denmark. The writing consists of seven runes, and says ”Hmar x is” which means “This is a Hammer” - where “x” simply is a sort of space character (other usual ones are ” + ” and ” : “). The Hammer dates to the 10th Century, and of the about 1000 Thor’s Hammers that have been found, this is the only one with any sort of (at least preserved) writing on it.

Thors Viking hammers are often called Mjollnir or Mjolnir as this is the actual name Thor gave to his Vikings hammer. It is a very powerful Nordic protective amulet. This pendant brings luck and neutralizes bad energy or curses. It gives confidence in your own abilities and gives of the owner a great support in his life.

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Perfect replica, it looks just like the pictures. Aside from the top-notch quality, the hammer is just the right size for everyday wear. It is solid and heavy enough to feel like a quality item, but not too heavy. The seller, Svit, offers amazing customer service and is very quick to respond, and patient. The shipping time was also good, and everything arrived in perfect condition. The item was very well packed and enclosed within its own bag so as to not clash with the silver chain I ordered together with this. It also came with its own string to hang it with, which I think was a nice touch. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Let's start with the pendant itself, it's full silver, nice and heavy, exceptionally well crafted, and teeming with historic and esthetic value! However, Svit, turns out to be the best caretaker of his clients I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Due to the order needed to be imported, and the customs of my country being extremely ineffective and flat out lazy, I needed to reach out to Svit. After explaining what's going wrong, he sends another package, with a different shipping company. And wouldn't you know it. Now I'm wearing the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've ever owned!
An exceptional replica of the Købelev Mjölnir! Very happy to wear it! Thanks for making great Viking age jewelry!
realmente encantado con mi Mjolnir, una obra de arte, muchas gracias al artesano por su trabajo y su atención. skäl
Très belle réalisation. Un objet unique avec d'un côté cette inscription et de l'autre un motif très simple et épuré parfaitement gravé. Pendentif massif qui nécessitera une chaîne conséquente... ça tombe cet habile artisan en propose de très belles.
juan carlos
Una gran pieza,sin duda! Tamaño,calidad y buen precio! Este mjolnir es el mejor de este modelo que he visto.Muy recomendable.
Hunter Williams-Foust
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Packaging: The packaging for this product was good and has arrived without any smears or marks. Well, besides my own fingerprints of course. Quality: Quality is no issue here. When first holding the pendant, I was surprised how light it was. It has weight of course. But I would not classify it as heavy nor too light. The size, shape, and weight are perfect. The pendant appears just as it does in the photographs on the product page. Shipping: The shipping of the product has nothing to do with the seller, only the packaging. But, I will say that it has arrived earlier than expected and I am very pleased. Final Thoughts: In truth, Berloga Workshop is an excellent place to purchase jewelry for family, friends, and yourself. I highly recommend this store.
Beautifully made ring with great detail. Highly recommended for quality and design. Many thanks!
seller was very helpful with all shipping concerns I had due to my location. The item is beautiful!! Wonderful quality and craftsmanship! My husband couldn't be happier!
Heidi Rosendale
I am very pleased with the quality of the ring the workmanship is amazing to the last detail it looks outstanding on my finger and it has attracted attention from other when I wear it. The service from the seller was very good with regular communication. I would recommend both product and seller.
This seller is amazing -I explained to them my need for a replacement ring for the one I’d ordered a couple years ago, and that I was hoping it would arrive by Christmas so that I could surprise my partner with a replica of the one they lost, and they did everything they could to make sure it shipped to me as quickly as possible. Every interaction I’ve had with this shop has been 100% positive and I would highly recommend their jewelry. It’s always been extremely well made and even though my partner wears their ring every day, we’ve never had any issues with bending or breaking.

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