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Helm of Awe Ring, Aegishjalmur Ring, Mammen Style Sterling Silver Viking Ring, Norse Ring Viking Jewelry
Ring size
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Metal: sterling silver (925)
Weight: approx. 10 g (0,35 oz)

Aegishjalmr is an ancient magical Norse symbol of protection and victory. It’s also known as Helm of Awe and Terror. This symbol we can meet in a few sagas. Warriors and even dragons used it.

When one studies the Aegishjalmr closely, it becomes fairly easily recognizable as a symbol of protection rather than an offensive one.

There is a circle at the center surrounded by eight prongs, four in the cardinal directions and four in between those. The ends of the prongs have three points each and may be represented as either curved or straight lines but are seen far more often in the former style.

Sometimes, the Aegishjalmr is shown with a circle of runes around it but this is a stylistic addition made in recent times and no actual Aegishjalmr has ever been found displaying that design.

The central circle represents the circle of protection within which the bearer is safe. This is a representation common to many cultures and is similar to the Magic Circle of protection and invocation used in Wicca.

The eight prongs represent protection against evil intent, perceived or otherwise, from all directions.

In the Aegishjalmr, it is believed that the presence of the crossbars strengthened the spell just as physical crossbars on an outward-pointing spear would afford greater protection in real life.

Helm of Awe Ring Aegishjalmur Ring Sterling Silver Viking Ring Norse Ring Viking Jewelry Mammen Style

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The ring is beautiful and well made. The only downside is that it's a lot thinner then I expected but other than that I got no complains and would buy again
Merci, je crois que c'est la première fois je t'attendais un bijou avec autant d'impatience. Elle est magnifique, aérienne en un mot je l'adore. Superbe finition....
Detail on both the main face of the ring and the sides is great. I like that the ring does not feel bulky. Extraordinary work! Note that I am in the United States and that items from Ukraine can take weeks getting through both border shipping facilities. Be patient. BerlogaWorksop does good work and ships in a timely manner. Very reliable! Thank you.
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