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Raven Heads Viking Necklace Bronze and Sterling Silver Combination Viking Chain Strong and Flexible Viking Jewelry (Viking Replica Denmark)
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Price only for necklace (without pendant)
Raven Heads - exact reconstruction of the findings from Denmark, X century (Copenhagen museum)

Also you can order a combination of gold and silver, or entirely of gold.

Chain metal: High quality 960 silver and Bronze
Chain weight: approx. 105 gram for 600 mm (23,6 inch)

Chain metal: High quality 960 silver and Bronze
Chain weight: approx. 185 gram (6,52 oz) for 600 mm (23,6 inch)

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I saved up for a while to buy this and it could not have been more worth the wait. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship.
Luke Syverson
Fantastic quality. The bronze was bit brighter than I thought, which is a positive for me. Make sure to get a hook with the smallest size if you have a larger head :)
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