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Raven Heads Viking Bracelet Sterling Silver Viking Bracelet Scandinavian Norse Viking Jewelry (Viking Replica Denmark, X century)
Wrist size
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When choosing the size, you choose the size of your wrist, not the length of the bracelet!
Please choose the right wrist size. Measure with a measuring tape

Raven Heads - exact reconstruction of the findings from Denmark, X century (Copenhagen museum)

Metal: 925 silver
Weight: approx. 60 grams

When ordering please specify the wrist size! (1 inch = 2,54 centimeter)

Raven Heads Viking Bracelet Sterling Silver Viking Bracelet Scandinavian Norse Viking Jewelry Viking Replica Denmark

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The sales picture is miles from doing any justice to the finished product someone might buy. The level of detail is extremely high and a testament to both the craftsman who created the original 10th-century piece and the skilled craftsmen and women at Berloga. The bracelet itself is made from twisted strands of silver, which makes it incredibly flexible, unlike what one might see from other vendors where the band itself is coming from a mould. At 64 grammes, it is a hefty piece, but because of the flexibility, it isn´t as noticeable, and it is pretty comfortable to wear, regardless of if it is in the shower, sleeping or doing some activity. Overall, I highly recommend shopping from Berloga, as their products are lightyears ahead in terms of quality, and attention to detail of the original, historical piece. 100% worth it.
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shipping parcel - US $20 (recommended  for Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark , Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway)
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