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Silver Black Sun Ring | Mammen Style | Sonnenrad | Viking Jewelry
Ring size
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Metal: sterling silver (925)
Weight: approx. 10 g (0,35 oz)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SchwarzeSonneArtifacts.JPG  - decorative brooch found in Inzing, Innsbruck-Land, dated to ca. AD 400, from Hermann Wirth, Die heilige Urschrift der Menschheit, Leipzig 1936, BD. II, Bilderatlas, Tafel 42 (at the time kept in the Staatl. Museen Berlin.)

The symbol of the Black Sun is extremely mysterious and still has no clear explanation. The first archaeological evidence of the existence of this sign dates back to the third millennium BC. The Black Sun is seen as an object representing God, giving inner power and knowledge. The occult symbol has caused much controversy and prohibition due to the fact that it symbolized the revival of Aryan spiritual power in Europe under Hitler.

Its rays are believed to reach only human spiritual values and symbolize solar energy. The Black Sun is a symbol of the esoteric and occult movement. This sign consists of a swastika, the borders of which are arranged in a circle, forming the outline of the sun. The number of rays in the sign varies from 5 to 12. It is known that in ancient times it was mentioned by our ancestors as a rotisserie: people saw it as a solstice and worshipped it.

From ancient times this symbol was used to attract dominion and power. The writings of Babylon indicate the existence of two suns. The white sun represents daylight, and the black sun represents power, strength, and knowledge. Thus, the Black Sun refers to the spiritual values of man. According to alchemy, it is a symbol of Saturn and represents the dark and destructive aspect of the Sun. Its effects are equated with divine power.

In our days, the Black Sun was associated with the symbol of the occult and was used by black magicians and sorcerers in their rituals. Wore this sign on the body in the form of a picture (tattoo), made with its image amulets and jewelry. It was not particularly popular among the Slavs, but is well known in narrow circles of people. Many legends have been written about it: mentions can be found in books of practical magic.

Silver Black Sun Ring Mammen Style Sonnenrad Norse Viking Jewelry

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I bought the Black Sun ring in the Mammen style. I received a beautiful little ring that fits perfectly. I'll likely buy from them again in the future! Very satisfied.
Perfect size and the quality is outstanding couldn't be happier with my order.
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