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Silver Valkyrie Ring | Mammen Style | Norse Viking Jewelry
Ring size
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Metal: sterling silver (925)
Weight: approx. 10 g (0,35 oz)

Valkyrie - one of the most powerful sacred esoteric symbols of the ancient Slavs. Solar-ornamental emblem, comprising in itself one of the key principles of the military culture of our ancestors. And although the actual amulet mean Valkyrie could be any person in determining the priority of this symbol is always given to the military caste (caste Vikings). Valkyrie combines four aspects, which are necessary to the righteous warrior - Wisdom, Justice, Nobility and Honour. Protection Rod and Native Land (as well as Native Faith) - the essence of the character Valkyrie.

Depending on which side of the Valkyrie myth you choose to focus on, they can be beautiful, noble and heroic warriors or dark prophets of death and doom.

The ancient Nordic and Germanic peoples ignored neither of these sides of warlike spirits and worshipped them all the same. They did not pity the Valkyries for weaving their deaths and still willingly sought heroic death in battle.

Ultimately, the Valkyries perfectly symbolize the Nordic and Germanic view of war, death and fate - they are inevitable, dark and terrible as well as glorious.

The Valkyries also symbolize the strength and power of women. These beings had authority and power, especially over mortals. Their ability to choose who lives and who dies on the battlefield inspired awe and terror, especially to warriors fighting in battles.

In later myths Valkyries are described as warriors rather than Odin's warriors. Because of this, they lose some of their power and status, becoming mortal women who are allowed to fight on the side of men.

Historically, Scandinavian culture had brave and courageous female warriors who fought as fiercely and brilliantly as men. Some suggest that the Valkyries were inspired by these women and eventually evolved into the legendary beings we know as the Valkyries.

Silver Valkyrie Ring Mammen Style Scandinavian Norse Viking Jewelry

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Very good workmanship, a beautiful piece! Here you can see how much attention to detail is in every piece of jewelry!????
Mushfi Chowdhury
The ring exceeded my expectations! I am very happy with the quality of the craftsmanship and I CANNOT wait to wear it out!
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