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The Lapidarium of Kings, Copenhagen

Lapidary of the Kings - lapidary in Copenhagen, Denmark . It presents a royal collection of sculptures, figures from natural stone and plaster models.

The museum is located in the 400-year-old cooking shop of King Christian IV. In the years up to 2013, the Board of the Palace and the Agency for Culture (Styrelsen for Slotte & Kulturejendomme), with the support of TrygFonden, implemented a fire protection system for the 8000 square meter cooking hall to keep the building open to the public. The Lapidary was officially opened on June 3, 2014.

The collection consists of 300 statues, sculptures and ornaments of various materials collected from royal gardens, palaces and buildings. Among the treasures are a model of the equestrian statue of King Frederick V in Amalienborg and the original equestrian statue of Christian V in Kongens Nytorv.

The Lapidarium of Kings, Copenhagen